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adamantly and forcefully refusing to let petty ppl ruin your good mood is i believe what the kids call a power move

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*passes by a mirror*


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im here to celebrate "bad" art without the expectation that the artist will eventually learn and get "good".

fill pages and pages with shitty emo pretentious cringy middle-school level 3-verse poetry and unfinished first chapters of boring stories that make no sense and with wobbly disproportionate ugly embarrassing incomprehensible unoriginal drawings.

grab a magazine and some scissors and glue and make a wrinkly collage without a motif or any rhyme or reason. grab a handful of play-doh and make an amorphous little person or an unrecognizable dog. make a thousand little shapes with your big shaky useless hands.

sit at the piano and play with it. make up an easy little melody and play it over and over again in the high keys and the low keys. listen to your favorite song and try to play it by ear bc you cant read music. manage to learn only a little bit but play it again and again.

sing, sing, SING goddamnit with your grating nasally too loud or too quiet completely off-key voice and DANCE awkwardly hopelesly off-rythm with your stiff clumsy limbs because it brings you a primal sort of joy

let go of rules and expectations and goals and performance and the invisible or visible audience. let art be your eternal playground even in adulthood, when it becomes forbidden.


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It's okay to take up space.

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A Himbo is

  • Strong

  • Dumb as all hell

  • but above all

  • Kind and respectful!!

If your Himbo isn't kind, then that's a Chad.

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An Anonymous user asked:

Hey Thell, can I ask - what made you decide to convert old posts if they were already working? Isn't that meant to be dangerous?

thelldev -

Oooh, this is actually a really good question!

As a rule, yes - forcing stuff that works to be new without extensive testing is, in a production environment, an absolutely terrible idea.

That's why companies have change management, where IT/developers test stuff for weeks before putting it live - even Windows Updates to make sure it doesn\'t break SAP or whatever outdated inventory management thing they\'re running.

It boils down to three things - RISK, COST, and OPPORTUNITY.

But that's a style that doesn't sit well with me. First, let's make a couple of (essentially true) assumptions about Waterfall and it's team:

  1. At least one of us is available 24/7 to unfuck a fuckening (me).

  2. We have zero budget and need to do everything as cheaply as possible.

  3. We want to keep things simple.

Three assumptions that are, in our case, true. At this point anyone who's ever so much as glanced at this blog knows that I don't have a concept of "down time" - if something breaks, I'll fix it then and there. This reduces the RISK of converting everything.

In terms of keeping the old stuff around, we'd need to expend extra processing power to render the older posts that are still "version 1". By forcing them to convert, we expend more now to save later. In doing so, not only are they faster to render after the fact, but they also take up less space - when I forced the dev server to convert them all, it saved about 40% of the space in the posts table. That means we can stretch both the CPU and storage further, reducing the COST - we won't need more servers quite as soon (in practice, we\'re saving megabytes, not gigabytes - but it adds up over time).

Now, for opportunity. If we have two versions, that's two sets of display code we need to write. Eventually, we'll want to change things again in how they're stored - we already have tentative plans for Posts v3 (which thankfully, won't need a downtime if it happens). What about v4? Every post version, that means we need to write another set of code to render it, increasing cost and risk (since we need to develop, test, and then debug them when they go wrong on both desktop and the apps). But it also means we lose the OPPORTUNITY to improve stuff. If we're locked in to doing things a certain way, we can't do things better. Look at Tumblr - their post system is awful. It's only now that they\'re starting to move to a new one, because they've been so risk averse about it. By forcing stuff to migrate to the new system, we increase our opportunities to do stuff later - we build off one format rather than [x] and - if needed, when ten years down the line someone loads an ancient v1 post - can just send it up the chain, converting each step of the way to the newer formats until it's modernised. Under v1, anything like image captions etc would be impossible. v2 makes them more possible, but the v3 design makes them easy - it just needs a change of data structure. Upconverting gives us the chance to improve.

Now obviously - this sort of cowboy coding isn't going to work forever. Right now, we're still small enough that we can just about get away with it, and you guys know it's a labour of love rather than for pay right now. When we get to 100k users, we will need to test a little more extensively, or when the Commission Market starts earning some decent cashflow - at that point, our fuckups affect livelihoods. When we get to 1 million users, then... well, I'd hope we have the budget to spend the time to test properly at that point.

Essentially though, it\'s about not locking ourselves in - I don't want to be just another site that lets something sit for years in a mediocre state because upgrading it is a hassle. Instead, Waterfall will be the site that adapts and improves constantly - if there's something we SHOULD be doing, I want it to take us weeks, not years.

On balance in this case, the benefits were insanely worth it, and throwing it out and hoping for the best was a good decision in this case (already, the posts database has reduced from 1.2GB in size to 980MB, and less than 1/10th the posts are converted). It doesn't necesarily mean that in future, we'll be as carefree with an update though - just that this one was necesary.

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Anyway coming up on 21 hours awake so bed time

persephone -

avengers assemble except it's just british waterfall users locating thell and hunting him down with a comforting beverage and a blanket embroidered with 'go the fuck to sleep'

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I'm making the radical decision to actually lie down for a little bit despite only being up for 5 hours

Watch as I wake up feeling even worse

thelldev -

This actually turned into a full 8 hour sleep so.

Yay I guess?

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thell finally slept


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i love when dogs do that bark that's just a little "boof"

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me @ my furry friend when they start having a fit about something

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did someone say heavy metal steven? no? well i did so here's this

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Mayor Pauline

2019 christmas i had gotten a switch lite and with it mario odyssey and i warmed up to paulines design almost immediately. me gay

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legs weak

arms spaghetti

joints creak

brain forgetti

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flavored water has no reason to be as good as it is

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A picture I did today for my #jumpstartjanuary challenge where I try to keep drawing every day like I did last year.

I have this really big owl plush that I put on my tummy when it's hurting a lot and I decided to draw my sona with one of her own. It's a Squishmallow owl and I love him a lot. I have him, an 18" plush and a smaller 8" one that my husband got me a few years back. They are my comfort objects.

I have a few different chronic illnesses with my guts and having pressure against them helps. So, tummy owl <3

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Some 2hus from last year and I... am only just now realizing how old these are holy heck

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Celebrate! Drew this for Undertale's Anniversary last year.

An Anonymous user asked:

Hi! Is a "tucute" just another flavor of transphobe? And what is allo in/exclusion??? Sorry if this sounds ignorant!

i would prefer to not be asked about this, as you can find these answers from a simple google search!

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mathematics asked:

☕ Country music?

flowerfemme -

old country music that's about, like, actual hard hitting topics: slaps. incredibly good. love to hear it every now and again.

post 9/11 country music that's mostly about like jerking off over the american flag: boring. bad. give it a rest.

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Do you think cats ever wonder why we don't purr? Do you think they ever worry because of it? Do we manage to clearly communicate to them when we're happy?

cjadewyton -

There' some evidence that cats are able to respond to human facial emotion and vocal tone[2] [3]! At least the basics.

Research done thinks they are able to learn how individual owners respond and how to tell if you, specifically, are happy. There's debate on if they can understand completely or understand a stranger's expression/tone, but cats are social creatures and in newer studies most social creatures have so far proved to be smarter and more empathetic then most of the old studies misinterperated them to be!

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Active Users

fearlesseffusivefullofgrace -

I really enjoy using waterfall and I'd like to follow more blogs, and I'm sure a lot of you do too, especially since theres been an influx of new people! reblog this if you usually log in around at least once a month and we can find eachother! <3<3<3

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rosy river

another OC as a warrior cat! he's part of a friend group that includes some OCs-as-cats from another piece of mine, Lunar Crescent and Sky Lily. he's very chill and friendly, and loves roses! his eyes are pale from a medical condition that eventually blinded him, and are often half-lidded as he's frequently quite fatigued from a different medical condition. despite these things though, he remains (surprisingly, to most other cats) a quite capable combatant. (as with his OC version, he's also trans and very gay)

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i love this outfit

[ID: A digitally colored ink drawing. A model in a colorful rain outfit sits on a grey park bench. They wear a violet raincoat, dark blue jeans, pink boots with violet laces and pink tinted glasses. On one hand they hold a small rainbow umbrella. End ID.]